OCTEO Spring 2019 Conference
Thursday 1:45 PM Breakout Sessions III

Strands: AL: Accreditation & Licensure IT: Innovations in Teaching FC: Field & Clinical Work

From Work Sample to Classroom Practice Metro
Cathy Owens-Oliver, Educational Testing Service
Get a first-hand update on the evolution of the ETS teacher performance assessment and huge difference it makes for the clinical experience. If you are committed to moving your teacher candidates from "show and tell" to reflect and redesign, this session will inform your work. Learn how EPPs across the state use the PPAT to get a more complete picture of a teacher candidate’s performance. Understand the distinct differences between the PPAT and edTPA how you can partner with ETS as a thought leader on teacher readiness.

Using Class Presentations and Technology to Simplify the Licensure Application Process Franz
Brian DeHoff, Kent State University
Katie Kozak, Kent State University
Kathy Zarges, Kent State University
When the licensure application moved online, Kent State created an innovative process to accommodate the changes. This presentation will show the implementation of the process.

Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a “PERFECT-Fit” Field Placement for all Learners Post
Cinda Harold, Walsh University
Mary Mohler, Northwood Elementary School Librarian
An innovative partnership has been developed for sophomore teacher candidates. This model is an embedded class “Perfect Fit” field experience with strong course coherence.

Trauma Informed Care for the Classroom: Equipping Teacher Candidates with TIC Skills & Knowledge Muirfield
IT Thematic
Perianne Bates, Ohio University
Tamarine Foreman, Ohio University
The presentation will share how a teacher educator and counselor educator combined their knowledge and skills to incorporate trauma informed care training for teacher candidates. Together they will share what they have learned from their research and present practical techniques for preparing future educators to be trauma informed and ready to facilitate growth in resilience in their students.

Educator Trauma, Vicarious Trauma, and Resilience in the Classroom: Development of Coping Strategies and Supports or Future Educators Muirfield
IT Thematic
Evonn Welton, University of Akron
Shernavaz Vakil, University of Akron
Lynn Kline, University of Akron
Trauma informed education is increasingly recognized as very important in the school setting. While it is recognized that trauma and unresolved anxiety can have very negative impact on p-12 students, the impact of either direct or indirect trauma on the classroom teacher has received less attention. This presentation aligns best with Innovations in Teaching as it stresses the need to address these issues in pre-service programs so that burn-out is minimized and access to available supports and classroom satisfaction is maximized.

Engaging Generation Z: Students of Our Future Riverside
IT Thematic
Mindy Rutherford, Ohio University
Do you feel disconnected from your current students? Do you feel like your idea of “pop culture” is different from your students? Generation Z students are here and we, as teachers, need to better understand them and how they learn.

Characteristics and Preferences of Millennials and the Related Classroom Implications Riverside
IT Thematic
Anthony Mendez, Cleveland State University
The presentation will review the descriptive characteristics of Millennials and their classroom learning preferences. Content will be presented on instructional strategies that facilitate success.

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