From the Fall 2017 Conference

Preparing for Your Next Reaccreditation Review
Dr. Lance J. Tomei - LiveText
pptx Lance Tomei - Preparing for Your Next Reaccreditation Review v2
SUED/OAPCTE - Beyond the Code of Conduct - Why Ethics Training Matters
pdf 38113 Proethica News Whose Code Is It Anyway Accessible
pdf 38344 ProEthica WilmingtonU Case Study-HR accessible.pdf
Panel Presentation: Trauma Informed Education
pdf ST Postcard 2016
pdf Kim Kehl Handout_2
pdf Kim Kehl Handout 3
pdf Trauma Informed Colleges
pdf Trauma-informed services and trauma awareness among staff on the
pdf ERIC Trauma and Adult Learning
pdf ACES and life opportunities
General Session - Creating and Sustaining Trauma Informed Schools
pptx Callahan Keynote
doc Callahan References 2017
pdf Promoting Positive Preschool Cliimate
pdf FAQ GBG description final
Trauma and Mental Health in ELL Children
Valerie Sartor - University of Akron
pptx Trauma and Mental Health in ELL Children
The 5-C’s Approach (Clinical, Community, Cohort, Curriculum = Cognition): An Integrative Urban Education Teacher Preparation Model for Understanding Families and Communities
Glenda Toneff Cotner - Cleveland State University
Doug Heuer - Cleveland State University
pptx OCTEO_Presentation-draft_2.pptx
doc Field_Experience_Table.doc
doc Lyles_Project_Example.doc
doc No_Place_Like_HUD.doc
doc Culturally_Responsive_Teaching_OCTEO.doc
doc CREATE_Rotation_1_Tracking_Enrollment.doc
Supporting Student Satisfaction: An Audio Method to Address the Trauma of Feedback
Vince Laverick - Lourdes University
pptx Supporting Student Satisfaction OCTEO 2017
Suicide Prevention and Bullying Prevention: Key Elements of Trauma-Informed School Communities
Jenny Cureton - Kent State University
Richard Cowan - Kent State University
Janice Byrd - Kent State University
pdf Suicide & Bullying Prevention OCTEO 2017
Preparing Pre-Service Educators for the Opioid Crisis
Evonn Welton - University of Akron
Shernavaz Vakil - University of Akron
pptx Preparing Pre-Service Educators for the Opioid Crisis
This is why I teach! An investigation into the on-going identity development of African American educators teaching in urban settings
Erica Glover - Cleveland State University
Gina Eaton - Cleveland State University
Kenneth Smith - Akron Public Schools
pptx This is Why I Teach - Glover
OFDF/OATE Presentation - all invited
pptx Teacher and Educator Legal Issues
Suspension or Expulsion? + Trauma Informed Practice
pptx October 27 OCTEO Presentation Final
ODE Update
pptx 2017_10_27_ODE_OCTEO_Presentation.pptx
ODHE Update
pptx ODHE_Update_OCTEO_Fall_2017.pptx

From the Spring 2017 Conference

Grit and Other EssentialTraits of Success
pptx Grit OCTEO
A Gritty Reality – It Worked!
Mary Lou DiPillo - Youngstown State University
Kristen Italiano - Youngstown State University
Jan Donofrio - Youngstown State University
Stephanie Davis - Youngstown State University
Maria Wilaj - Youngstown State University
pptx A Gritty Reality-it Worked.pptx
Grit to Teach and the Mindset to Stay: Do You Have What It Takes?
Paul Young - Ohio University
Terri Green - Ohio University
Debra Dunning - Ohio University
Danielle Bruning - Ohio University
docx Presentation_Summary.2017.Grit to
pptx Grit_to_Teach_and_the_Mindset_to_Stay.pptx
docx Finding Your_ACE_Score.docx
Transliteracy in the Classroom
Valerie Sartor - University of Akron
docx Transliteracy_Agenda.docx
docx Transliteracy_Useful_Sites_and_Tools.docx
docx Transliteracy_Tech_Tips_for_DL_Teaching.docx
docx Transliteracy_Presentation_Handout.docx
docx Transliteracy-The_digital_revolution_is_in_full_swing.docx
Finding Your Match: An Innovative Approach to Placing Student Teachers
Ben Martin - Bowling Green State University
Beth Ralph - Bowling Green State University
Jen St Louis - Bowling Green State University
pptx OCTEO Powerpoint2
docx BGSU Teacher Match Exit Survey
docx Match Day Design
docx Match Groupings Example
docx Match Program Feedback Form
The State Approval Process and ODHE/ODE Data Partnership
Jessica Mercerhill - ODHE
Mary Rose - ODE
pptx OCTEO ODHE ODE Partnership Presentation SLIDES
Defining “Grit” for Educator Preparation Providers: Sustained, Systemic, High Quality Assessment, Data Evaluation and Analysis, and Data-informed Continuous Quality Improvement
Lance Tomei - LiveText
pptx Tomei_Presentation_for_OCTEO_170330.pptx
Campus Mentors, a Clinical Practice Model
Leah Wasburn-Moses - Miami University
pdf EHS_Campus_Mentors_v3.pdf
ODHE Update
pptx 2017_03_ODE_OCTEO_Presentation.pptx
pptx Model Code of Ethics for Educators
ODE Update
pptx ODHE Update OCTEO Spring 2017.pptx

From the Spring 2016 Conference

Similarities and Differences among Ohio’s Newest Teachers
Sarah Woodruff - Miami University
Christopher Cox - Miami University
Qinghua Nian - Miami University
pptx Transforming Clinical Practice and K-12 Partnerships
Digital Storytelling with EL: Does Working One-on-One Re-Construct Candidates’ Attitudes and Awareness?
Christopher Yaluma - Miami University
Martha Castaneda - Miami University
pptx The Wilmington Professional Development School Model
Moving Beyond the Theoretical to Prepare Teacher Educators for Diverse Learners: Utilizing Vignettes to Teach the Actions of Culturally Responsive Teachers
Bradley Conrad - Capital University
Jennifer Faison Hodge - Capital University
pptx Project CREATE Powerpoint
Using the Community as the Text for Learning about Diversity
Tryphina Robinson - Shawnee State University
pdf The Ohio Assessments for Educators-Ohios Educator Licensure Testing Program
VARI-EPP Student teaching Form Project: Using Data to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners
Erica Brownstein - The Ohio State University
Kristall Day - The Ohio State University
Carolyn Kaplan - The Ohio State University
James Yao - The Ohio State University
docx Defiance Area Schools ECE Handout
xlsx Defiance Area Schools ECE History
pdf Student Teaching Form (VE-ST)_Project - Using Data to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners
Educational Interventions in Diverse Societies: Belize
Perianne Bates - Ohio University
Jane Skon - Ohio University
Laura Wentworth - Ohio University
Bridget Stephens - Ohio University
pdf Engaging Undergraduate and Graduate Students in FIP
Preparing Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers to Support Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CLD)
Kristin Bourdage - Otterbein University
Sue Constable - Otterbein University
Beverly Good - Otterbein University
Grace McDaniel - Otterbein University
pdf Meeting Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee
Flat Freire: A Tumblr Project to Develop Preservice Teachers’ Critical Consciousness and Cultural Responsiveness
Lauren Volpe - Ohio University
Madison Kelleck - Ohio University
Dylan Rickelman - Ohio University
Hayley Swartz - Ohio University
Emily Wilson - Ohio University
docx Teachers Perception and Integration of Education Technology - Research Summary
pptx Teachers Perception and Integration of Education Technology
A Strategy for STEM Recruitment with Limited Resources
Christine Knaggs - Lourdes University
pdf Field Directors Forum - Nancy Hahn Pearson Presentation
Departmental Makeover: How One Department Approaches Identity Transformation to Prepare Pre-Service Teachers for Diverse Classrooms
Adrienne Goss - Ohio Northern University
Diana Garlough - Ohio Northern University
Albert Akyeampong - Ohio Northern University
Kevin Cordi - Ohio Northern University
pptx 2Guys_Slide_Show.pptx
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – How to Prepare Pre-Service Teacher Candidates to Meet the Needs of All Learners
Betty Marko - Walsh University
Julianne Schnitz - Walsh University
pptx ODE - Ohio Assessments for Educators
pptx ODE Online Licensure
docx ODE Resident Educator Program
docx Walsh STPA Template with Coop Teacher Form
pptx OCTEO PPT Presentation March 31 2016
“You cannot give what you do not have”: The Writing Attitudes of College-level Students
Hannah Chai - Wright State University
pptx OBR Update - Spring 2014
pptx OBR Update - Spring 2014
ODE Upddate
pptx ODE Update

From the Fall 2015 Conference

VARI-EPP - The New Student Teaching Instrument
Erica Brownstein - The Ohio State University
Ohio Clinical Alliance
Todd Hawley - Kent State University
pptx OHIO CLINICAL ALLIANCE OCTEO Conference Presention 10.29.2015
High leverage practices from University of Michigan and how they have changed their teacher education program
Nicole Garcia - University of Michigan
Megan Shaughnessy - University of Michigan
pdf High Leverage Teaching Practice UofM
Capstone Seminar Redesign – Empowering Students for Leadership and Student Success
Romena M. Garrett Holbert - Wright State University
Jolene Short - Wright State University
Jennifer Garber - Wright State University
Eric Muhlenkamp - Wright State University
Tim Laughlin - Wright State University
pdf Teaching Outside the Box: Designing Mutually Beneficial Clinical Partnerships
pdf Rubric for Clinical Partnerships
edTPA Collaboration Leads to Innovation
Jerry Bush - Pearson
Dianna Greivenkamp - University of Cincinnati
Melissa Askren-Edgehouse - Mount Union University
pdf Allison Powell Keynote iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching
pptx Allison Powell Keynote - NextGe TeacherPrep
pdf Allison Powell Keynote - Online PD Programs and Research
pptx Using the Reflective Process to Create Vision and Voice for Social Equality in Educational Contexts
Bortner Data Initiative: Effective Data Use for Program Involvement
Sungti Hsu - American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
pptx Teacher Licensure - An Evolving Landscape
AACTE Presentation
Early Childhood Teacher Educators Building Capacities in Future Teacher Leaders
Pam Owen - Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Laurie Katz - The Ohio State University
William Mosier - Wright State University
Hannah Nissen - Ohio Unniversity Zanesville
Mary Barbara Trube - Ohio University Chillicothe
Krishana White - Mount Vernon Nazarene University
pptx Journaling and Collaborative Teaching & Planning
pptx Inquiry-based Learning and Conference Presentation
An Innovative Approach to Teacher Preparation: The Interdependence of the Co-Teaching Triad
Dawn Milner - Lourdes University
Christine Knaggs - Lourdes University
pptx Building e-Internships in Teacher Preparation
pdf Research-supported and Data-driven Methods to Pass a School Levy
pdf Research-supported & Data-driven Methods to Pass a Levy Campaign
edTPA Data Review
Jerry Bush - Pearson
docx Synchronous Online Distance Learning Handout
pdf Synchronous Online Distance Learning
pdf Assessing the Preparation of Tomorrow's Educators
Rethinking “Stuff”: The Place of Material Culture in the Teacher Preparation Program
Stacy Graber - Youngstown State University
pdf A Collaborative Approach - Xavier's Innovative Approach
pptx Impact of a Universal Preventive Intervention on Teacher Candidates
Lead to Achieve: Penguin Assistants for Student Success
Mary Lou DiPillo - Youngstown State University
Gail Saunders-Smith - Youngstown State University
Kristen Italiano - Youngstown State University
Janet Donofrio - Youngstown State University
Jaclynn Cupp - Youngstown State University
Katie Fleming - Youngstown State University
ppt Project CREATE Powerpoint
pptx Penguin Assistants for Student Success
Innovative Teaching Strategies to Prepare 21st Century Pre-Service Candidates to Succeed in the Real World
Katharine Delavan - Lake Erie College
Innovative Teaching
Social Justice as a Key Component of Transformational Teacher Education
Todd Hawley - Kent State University
Lisa Borgerding - Kent State University
pptx Social Justice Colloquia Todd Hawley Lisa Borgerding
Taking Care of Our Own: Supporting Success through Peer Mentoring in Higher Education
Dianne Gut - Ohio University
Pamela Beam - Ohio University
pptx Taking Care of Our Own Pamela Beam
Strategies for Developing and Assessing Clinical Partnerships
Dottie Erb - Marietta College
William Bauer - Marietta College
Carole Hancock - Marietta College
Cathy Mowrer - Marietta College
Elaine O’Rourke - Marietta College
Amanda Knapp-Witt - Marietta College
doc 1st Grade Lesson Writing - QR code superhero - All about me
docx 2nd Grade QR codes
docx 3rd Grade Math LP
docx 4th Grade oetc conference
doc 5th Grade Conference Lessonplan
doc 5th Grade QR Codes
doc 5th Grade Timeline Rubric
docx 6th Grade Lesson Plan
docx How to Make QR Codes
docx Kinder - QR Code Lesson on Animals
docx Kinder - The View at the Zoo Book Pages
pptx QR Code Voice Recording
docx Tech day batman template
What is Your Problem? An Innovative Data Solution that will Transform Teacher Preparation
Lisa Riegel - Educational Partnerships Institute
Belinda Gimbert - The Ohio State University
pptx Misbehavior Doesn't Go Away in E-learning
Leading for Teaching and Learning - Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Innovative and Responsible Common Core Instruction
Monique Cherry-McDaniel - Central State University
pptx 21st Century Partnerships - Higher Education Public Schools and Community Foundations
Online Professional Development through Quality Assurance
Linda McKee - The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
pptx Pre-Service Teachers Perception
Informing Innovation
Jill Lindsey - Ohio Educational Research Center
pptx OERC Keynote Jill Lindsey
ODE Update
John Soloninka - Ohio Department of Education
pptx ODE Update - Fall 2015
Ohio Department of Higher Education Update
Rebecca Watts - Associate Vice Chancellor for P-16 Initiatives - Ohio Department of Higher Education
Matt Exline - Assistant Director, Program Approval Operations - Ohio Department of Higher Education
pptx ODHE Update Fall 2015

From the Spring 2015 Conference

Keynote Speaker - Building on Strong Foundations: CAEP Standards 2 & 4
Patty Garvin - CAEP
Katie Button - Texas Tech
pptx Keynote-Patty Garvin
pptx CAEP Texas Tech
Reimagining Teacher Preparation and Professional Development through Dialogic Partnering in the Urban/Multicultural K-12 Setting
Betty Greene - Youngstown State University
Stacy Graber - Youngstown State University
pptx Reimagining Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
pptx October 2016 OCTEO Presentation
K-16 Partners in Co-teaching: Beyond the Buzz and in Spite of the Hype
Karen Kaye - Baldwin Wallace University
Rochelle Berndt - Baldwin Wallace University
Clayton Dusek - Baldwin Wallace University
pptx K-16 Partners in Co-Teaching
pdf 2017 NTS SaveTheDate with MCEC Newsletter Sign-Up
pdf A Spectrum of Things to Consider about Military Kids-LR
pdf Interstate Compact Article-McKinley from OTM
pdf MCEC general flyer-Mar2016
pdf OEE Guiding Principles and Signatories as of 1 Apr 2016
pdf PD One Pager Final 160408
Preparing the Pre-Service Teacher to Work in an Urban Setting in Ohio
Kennyatta Mays - Dayton Public Schools
Paul Palomba - Akron Public Schools
Rochonda Neonene - The University of Dayton
Erica Brownstein - The Ohio State University
Julie Kugler Ackley - Xavier University
pptx Preparing the Pre-Service Teacher to Work in an Urban Setting in Ohio
pptx OCTEO - Ohio Oct 27 2016 with notes - final v2 10-21-16 Autosaved_RGH
pptx Wright-Patt AFB Col Oberg Briefing for 27 Oct 2016 OCTECO Conference powerpoint version 2003 just in case.ppt
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
Gail Saunders-Smith - Youngstown State University
pptx ODHE Update OCTEO FALL 2016
Defiance College - Increased clinical experiences, Expanded P-16 partnerships, Greater P-16 input and workshops for teachers
Ian MacGregor - Defiance College
Jeannie VonDeylen - Defiance College
pptx Defiance College-Increased Clinical Experiences Expanded P-16 Partnerships Greater P-16 Input and Workshops for Teachers
pptx 2016 10 ODE OCTEO Presentation
How You Say it is Just as Important as What You Say
Lisa Riegel - Educational Partnerships Institute, LLC
Raeal Moore - Educational Partnerships Institute, LLC
pptx Unpacking CAEP Standard 2 - Transforming Clinical Practice
Student Teachers in the Reflective Practices of Cooperating Teachers and the Connection to High Stakes Testing
Vince Laverick - The University of Findlay
pptx Student Teachers in the Reflective Practice of Cooperating Teachers and the Connection to High Stakes Testing
The Effects of Student-Suggested Instruction on Assessment Outcomes
Mariah Vraniak - Wright State University
Michael Fmura - Wright State University
Nick Davis - Wright State University
Maggie Demarse - Wright State University
pub The Effects of Student - Suggested Instruction - Search and Sort
docx The Effects of Student - Suggested Instruction - Formative Assessment
pptx The Effects of Student - Suggested Instruction
Teacher-Intern Partnerships: Co-Teaching as Transformative Practice in ECE Clinical Settings
Debby Smith - Mount Saint Joseph University
Qiuping Cao - Ohio University Lancaster
Lynn Kline - The University of Akron
pptx Teacher-Intern Partnerships Co-Teaching as Transformative Practice in ECE Clinical Settings
Conflict Handling Styles: Merging Voices of Personality and Family
Abel Gitimu Waithaka - Youngstown State University
Raphael Birya - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
pptx Conflict Handling Styles-Merging Voices of Personality and Family
Cooperative Grouping During Vocabulary
Katharina Cerny - Cleveland State University
pptx ODE Update - October 17, 2014
pptx Cooperative Grouping During Vocabulary
Ohio Clinical Alliance update
pptx OCTEO Alliance Report
ODE Update
pptx Data Files: Know Where They Are and What To Do With Them
pptx 2015 03 ODE OCTEO Presentation
OBR Update
pdf Helping Students Succeed on the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators
pdf PRAXIS PPST Reading and PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading Comparison Chart
pptx Spring 2015 OBR Update

From the Spring 2014 Conference

eEducation, Next Gen Teacher Prep: Aligning Training and Practice for the 21st Century Classroom
Allison Powell - VP of the North American Council for Online Learning (iNACOL)
pptx Ohio Department of Higher Education - Spring 2016 Update to OCTEO
Curriculum Reform Effort Advancing Teacher Education (CREATE)
Tachelle Banks - Cleveland State University
Debbie Jackson - Cleveland State University
pptx OCTEO 2016 Fall Nenonene, Young, Bowman, Dolph & Ruzicka final.pptx
Defiance College/Defiance Area Schools Early Clinical Experience Program
Ian McGregor - Defiance College
Derek Lucas - Defiance College
pptx MMKeller - Ohio About M-C Kids Balancing Risk and Resilience 2016
Two Guys and Some iPads
pptx Ecofeminism Presentation
















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